Snowbound Sherwin Williams: The Cool, Crisp White Paint Color with a Gray Undertone

Snowbound Sherwin Williams Paint Color

Snowbound is one of Sherwin Williams’ most popular paint colors. This cool, crisp white with a slight gray undertone is a versatile neutral that works well in a variety of spaces and styles. Snowbound has enough depth to avoid looking stark, but still reads as a fresh, clean white. Its subtle complexity allows it to complement both warm and cool color schemes.

Snowbound is a great choice for those looking for a timeless white that feels elegant without being too sterile. While very light, the soft gray undertone provides visual interest and keeps the white looking bright instead of dull. Snowbound SW 7004 – White & Pastel Paint Color is ideal for those who want a versatile white with classic appeal.

Color Description

Snowbound Sherwin Williams is a bright white paint color with subtle cool gray undertones. While it appears crisp and clean white at first glance, upon closer inspection you’ll notice the faintest hint of gray. The gray is very subtle, but it keeps the white from feeling too stark or sterile.

Snowbound has just enough depth from the soft gray to feel soothing and relaxed, while still being light and airy thanks to the bright white base. The gray undertone allows Snowbound to complement both warm and cool color schemes beautifully. This versatile white with a whisper of gray works well in any room you want to feel open and airy, but not so white that it’s glaring.

Snowbound Sherwin Williams: Surprising Ways to Use This Popular Paint

Snowbound Sherwin Williams is an ideal paint color for many rooms in your home where you want a clean, bright, yet soft white. Here are some rooms where Snowbound really shines:

  • Living Rooms – A light neutral like Snowbound allows you to decorate with punches of color through artwork, pillows, and accessories without the paint competing. It creates an open, airy feel perfect for gathering spaces.
  • Bedrooms – The barely-there gray undertones of Snowbound make it an especially soothing choice for bedrooms. It’s a relaxing backdrop that won’t keep you up at night.
  • Bathrooms – Crisp whites like Snowbound showcase bathrooms’ sleek lines and fixtures. The shade is bright enough to feel clean without being sterile.
  • Kitchens – Snowbound’s versatility allows it to work with any cabinetry or countertop material in kitchens. It makes small kitchens feel more spacious.
  • Hallways – Long hallways feel shorter painted in light, bright hues like Snowbound. It encourages flow from one room to the next.
  • Offices – Snowbound provides a neutral, yet uplifting backdrop for home offices. It promotes concentration without feeling too stark.

Complementary Colors

Snowbound Sherwin Williams looks beautiful when paired with warm, earthy accent colors that provide contrast to the cool white tone. Here are some top color combinations:

  • Beige and brown: Shades like tan, taupe, camel, mocha, and chestnut brown add warmth and dimension. Try pairing Snowbound with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige or Kendall Charcoal for a cozy feel.
  • Navy blue: From dark navy to brighter shades, blue is a classic complement to white. Try Sherwin Williams Naval or Hale Navy.
  • Greens: Earthy greens like sage, olive, and forest green look fresh with Snowbound. Consider Sherwin Williams Sagebrush or Evergreen Fog.
  • Warm metallics: Metallic finishes in bronze, gold, and copper add a luxe touch. Try pairing with bronze light fixtures or gold accent pieces.
  • Wood tones: Rich wood finishes, from light oak to dark walnut, provide natural contrast. Use wood furnishings, floors, cabinets or decorative accents.

Sticking with a neutral color palette of whites, beiges, browns, and navy allows Snowbound to shine as the dominant color. Adding in metallic and wood accents prevents an all-white scheme from feeling sterile or cold. Focus the Snowbound on main walls and use the complementary colors for trims, accents, furnishings and decor.

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Sheen Recommendations

When choosing a sheen for Snowbound Sherwin Williams, it’s best to consider the room you are painting. For most rooms in your home, an eggshell or satin sheen works well with this versatile color.

  • Eggshell – This low-luster sheen has a soft glow that works beautifully in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. The subtle sheen hides minor imperfections in walls while still allowing the light to reflect softly off the paint. Eggshell is easy to clean but does show dirt more than higher sheen paints.
  • Satin – With a smooth, velvety appearance, satin sheen is ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways, family rooms, and kids’ bedrooms. It stands up well to washing and wear while minimizing reflected light. Satin works well on doors and trim in addition to walls.

For bathrooms and kitchens, a semi-gloss sheen is best since it is most resistant to moisture, grease, and frequent cleaning. The higher sheen allows for easy wipe-down of these busy areas. Semi-gloss has a bright shine, so only use it in rooms where you want an energetic, lively look.

Snowbound Sherwin Williams Price

Snowbound is available in different sizes and varies in price depending on the retailer. Here are some typical prices:

  • At Sherwin-Williams, a gallon of Snowbound costs around $70. Quart sizes are around $25 and sample sizes around $6.
  • At Home Depot, a gallon of Snowbound costs approximately $65.
  • At Lowe’s, expect to pay around $68 per gallon.
  • Online retailers like Amazon offer gallon sizes for $75-90 including shipping.
  • Painting contractors may be able to get discounted pricing around $50-60 per gallon when purchasing large volumes.

So in general, expect to pay $65-75 per gallon for Sherwin Williams Snowbound paint. Buying in bulk or looking for sales can sometimes bring the price down closer to $50-60 per gallon. Sample sizes and quarts are more affordable at $6-25.

Similar Colors to Snowbound Sherwin Williams

Snowbound is part of Sherwin Williams’ popular Neutral Whites color family, which includes other popular grays and off-whites like Agreeable Gray, Mindful Gray, and Repose Gray. Here are some other paint colors that are similar to Snowbound:

  • Benjamin Moore Decorators White – This is a clean white that also has slight gray undertones, making it close to Snowbound. It’s a bit brighter and less gray than Snowbound.
  • Behr Silver Drop – A very light gray that is only a shade darker than Snowbound. It has a hint of blue that Snowbound lacks.
  • Valspar Seagull Gray – A very light gray-blue that is slightly cooler toned than Snowbound but still quite comparable.
  • Pittsburgh Paints Intense White – Slightly crisper than Snowbound but still in the same white/gray family. It leans more white than gray.
  • Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee – A popular warm white with the slightest hint of brown. It’s not as gray as Snowbound but they give off similar vibes.

So in summary, the most directly comparable colors are Benjamin Moore Decorators White, Behr Silver Drop, and Valspar Seagull Gray. But there are many light grays and whites in the same neutral palette as Snowbound that coordinate well together.

Tips for Painting with Snowbound Sherwin Williams

Painting your walls Snowbound Sherwin Williams can give your space a bright, clean look. Follow these tips to get the best results when using this popular shade of white:

Prep Work

  • Fill any holes or cracks in your walls with spackle and sand smooth. Snowbound will show any imperfections!
  • Remove wall plates, outlet covers, and switch covers. It’s easier to paint without these in place.
  • Clean walls thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or existing paint flakes. Degrease kitchen and bathroom walls.
  • Use painter’s tape and drop cloths to mask off trim, baseboards, and floors. Snowbound can drip or splatter.
  • Sand any existing glossy paint to dull the surface so the new paint adheres better.
  • Prime bare drywall or heavily patched areas so the paint goes on evenly.


  • Use a high-quality angled brush for cutting in edges and corners. This gives you precision.
  • Roll on Snowbound with a 1/2″ or 3/4″ nap roller cover for smooth walls, or a thicker 1″ cover for textured surfaces.
  • Use a paint tray and roller grid to load the roller evenly for best coverage.
  • Have a 5-in-1 tool on hand to scrape paint drips and open cans.


  • Cut in edges first with the angled brush, then roll the walls using “W” or “M” shapes and avoiding excess overlapping.
  • Maintain a wet edge as you go by painting from corner to corner or wall to wall without long breaks.
  • Roll lightly in all directions periodically to ensure the paint self-levels nicely.
  • Apply two coats for best hide and durability. Allow proper dry time between coats.
  • Work methodically for the smoothest finish. Snowbound shows imperfections easily.
  • Backroll after spraying paint on textured surfaces to work paint into the texture.

Following these prep work, tool, and technique tips will help you get great results painting with Snowbound Sherwin Williams. The cool white tone will look fresh and clean in any space when applied properly.

Designer Recommendations

Interior designers often recommend Snowbound Sherwin Williams for certain rooms and styles. The cool, crisp white works well in modern and contemporary spaces where a bright, clean look is desired.

Many designers suggest Snowbound for kitchens. The slight gray undertone gives a hint of color without overwhelming the space. It creates a fresh, airy feel that pairs nicely with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops. Light floors like white oak or bleached wood are ideal counterparts.

In bathrooms, Snowbound makes the space feel open and soothing. Especially when used on upper walls and ceilings, it keeps the room feeling bright and spacious. It works with both traditional and modern bathrooms. With traditional styles, Snowbound provides a crisp backdrop for clawfoot tubs and ornate mirrors. In modern baths, it enhances the sleek lines of frameless showers and floating vanities.

For bedrooms, designers often recommend Snowbound for creating a relaxing retreat. It prevents the space from feeling too sterile or hospital-like. The soft gray undertones add just enough visual interest without becoming overwhelming. It works well for minimalist and bohemian spaces alike.

Overall, interior designers appreciate Snowbound Sherwin Williams for its versatility. It provides clean, modern appeal while still having classic sophistication. Snowbound works in nearly any style space while keeping rooms looking fresh and bright.


Snowbound Sherwin Williams is a versatile neutral paint color that works well in a variety of spaces. With its slight gray undertone, it creates a cool, calming effect that is modern yet timeless. This crisp white is light and airy but has more depth than a stark white.

Snowbound can be used on walls, trim, cabinets and even front doors. It pairs nicely with many colors from bold brights to organic earth tones. Different sheens like eggshell or satin allow you to control the level of shine. This popular Sherwin Williams color is reasonably priced and accessible.

Overall, Snowbound is a classic, fail-safe neutral that provides a clean, bright backdrop. It’s a great choice when you want a subtle cool undertone rather than a true bright white. Snowbound works wonderfully as a main wall color or for accent walls and trims. It’s easy to see why this versatile shade remains a top seller year after year.